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Clifden crew in dramatic rescue.

The bravery and seamanship of the crew of Clifden lifeboat has been recognised by the awarding of a Letter of Thanks, signed by the RNLI chairman, congratulating the boat and
onshore crew on a dramatic and successful rescue carried out during the late afternoon of 30 July 2000. During the rescue, Benjamin Downing Fairbridge, the Clifden Atlantic 75
lifeboat, under helmsman Bernard Whelan, with crew Julien Jeffries and James Mullen, was launched in a southeasterly force 7 to8. The lifeboat was launched following reports of a
damaged yacht drifting rapidly towards Fahy Point, suffering the severe effects of the rough sea. In treacherous conditions, which resulted in damage to the lifeboat, the lifeboat crew
managed to rescue the two crew on board the yacht and tow the craft safely to shore.

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