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Clogher Head lifeboat helps with surprise catch.

At just after 0820 on 15 March, Belfast Coastgaurd station received a call from a fishing agency based in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, informing them that a 25m Belfast registered vessel had picked a mine up in its nets. The fishing vessel was three miles south of the border near Carlingford Lough. The Coastgaurd station immediately made contact with the crew of the fishing vessel, and with the Explosive Ordinance Department (EOD) based in England. The EOD then contacted the fishing vessel to confirm that they had caught a World War II mine in its nets. Clogher Head lifeboat was requested to launch by Belfast Coastgaurd to stand by the fishing vessel. Dublin and Liverpool Coastgaurd were also kept informed of the events. Newcastle's Mersey class lifeboat was later launched to relieve Clogher Head of her duties. Belfast Coastgaurd co-ordinated the safe passage of thefishing vessel to a nearby to nearby dumping ground, some 3.5 miles east of Annalong. Once at the site the mine was sent to the seabed before leaving the area. The EOD team then took over. The weather conditions were fine with light winds and calm seas. A controlled explosion successfully by the EOD team at 1935 and Clogher Head lifeboat was released from ots duties. Christmas rescue for Arklow lifeboat A swimmer in the annual St Stephen's Day swim in aid of RNLB Ger Tigchelaar when he got into difficulties during the event. Patrick Kelly (28), an asthma sufferer, was taking part in the fundraising event when he began to struggle. Two other swimmers came to his aid and then the lifeboat rescued him from the breaking surf and icy waters. The lifeboat brought Mr Kelly ashore from where he was brought to Loughlinstown Hospital. The dramatic picture of the rescue made the front page of many national newspapers.

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