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Liquid Rescue at Dunmore East:

At lunchtime, on Wednesday afternoon 27th September 2000, the Dunmore East lifeboat crew were called out as news came in that a lone yachtswoman was in difficulties. RNLB Elizabeth and Ronald with a crew of seven, coxed by Joefy Murphy, went to the assistance of well-known yachtswoman Karen Keibovici, on board her Mini Transat yacht Karen Liquid. Karen and her craft had set sail from La Rochelle on route to Conningbeg Light, 12 miles south east of Hook Head, as part of her preparations for the annual yacht race around the Fastnet Rock Lighthouse from France. After sailing to within 45 miles and encountering worsening weather conditions, she decided to turn back. However, as she did so she detected a problem with the keel and other difficulties, which included damage to the sail. After three hours of rough seas and force 7-9 winds, Joefy and the crew of the lifeboat reached the yacht. Karen was taken on board the Elizabeth and Ronald whilst the Karen Liquid was secured and towed to Dunmore East where Karen was able to carry out the necessary repairs to allow her to return to La Rochelle. Joefy was later presented with a Letter of Thanks for the rescue. At the same ceremony, Frances Crummy was presented with a medal in recognition of service as a crewmember.

Other News:

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